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5 Ways to Modify Your Wardrobe for Pregnancy

You’re pregnant. You’re glowing. You’re tired of the same old maternity clothes. If you’re looking for an easy way to take your pregnancy style up a notch, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s no need to invest in a new wardrobe. With some simple modifications and creative styling, you can go from week 1 to week 40 with just a few simple additions to your current wardrobe.

Keep these five things in mind when you’re stuck in a rut. They’ll get you thinking outside-the-box when it comes to maternity wear.


Go Tight

Embrace your curves! Think of your baby bump as a statement piece. Rock that confidence by sporting clothing in your current closet that has some stretch. Think leggings, tank tops, tees and dresses that have 5% or more of spandex. If you’re feeling a little too exposed, pair them with layers like a cardigan or scarf.

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Loosen Up

Go for comfort in clothing that is soft, flowy and makes you feel like you’re still in your jammies. Find your harem pants or loose sweats and pair them with your favorite casual tee. The key to looking stylish, and not sloppy, is to accessorize with shoes, purse, jacket and jewelry that is polished and on trend.

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Don’t Give Up Denim

If you lived in jeans before you were pregnant, there’s no reason why you should give them up now. You can wear your favorite jeans well into your pregnancy with the simple modification of a belly band. This allows you to unbutton your jeans (creating a larger waistline) and then wear a stretchy band to conceal the top. Works like a charm and keeps your favorite jeans in the wardrobe rotation.

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Look Beyond Your Closet

It’s time to invade your man’s closet. You’re carrying his baby, the least he can do is let you borrow a shirt! Find a great button-down or flannel, roll the sleeves, pair it with leggings or jeans and you’ve got a pregnancy outfit that’s cute, chic and didn’t cost a dime.

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Bigger Is Better

Shop at non-maternity stores, but just go up in size. Keep in mind that these aren’t clothes you are going to wear forever, so keep the spending under control by shopping at stores like Old Navy and H&M. Look for things that you would normally wear and then size up so that they fit you comfortably during pregnancy. You’ll maintain your same sense of style without succumbing to the maternity section of the store.

Your journey is just beginning. Enjoy the ride and do it in style! Before you know it, you’ll be holding your bundle of joy and dreaming up creative ways to dress him or her!

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