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7 Tips for Hosting an Office Baby Shower

Preparing for maternity leave can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful. So, why not do something nice for that mama-to-be cube-mate, and plan an office celebration that she’ll always remember? Here are 7 tips to keep in mind as you plan an office baby shower:

The FOLD by 4moms: Office Baby Shower Tips

Make sure the team member wants to be celebrated.

Pregnant ladies and dads-to-be all have one thing in common – there’s a tiny human on the way that will forever rock their worlds (in a great way)! What they may not have in common, however, is their love for attention. Some folks will love celebrating their baby-on-the-way with their work family, and some would simply prefer to keep the festivities to a minimum. Know your audience and check before planning anything. Offer them an out up front so they aren’t left with an uncomfortable “how do I say I don’t want this?” feeling if they’d rather not celebrate at work.

Include their family!

Spouses and siblings are taking this leap, too, so don’t leave them out! Welcoming a baby is magical, and those moments are meant to be shared with the people they love most. Extend the invitation to significant others and big brothers and big sisters. Make the event about not just the baby, but the family they’re joining – because it’s a special one!

The FOLD by 4moms: Office Baby Shower Tips

Create a festive atmosphere.

There’s nothing more disappointing than showing up to a sparsely decorated party venue. Did they forget? Or just not care? Create a cheerful environment for the occasion. If you’re working with a large space, pick a corner or center table that will highlight the celebration and participants. Choose bright colors – hot pinks, oranges, bright blues, lime greens – to create a great visual pop. Grab balloons, table confetti, and gift bags that all tie into the same color scheme and festive feel.

The FOLD by 4moms: Office Baby Shower Tips

The FOLD by 4moms: Office Baby Shower Tips

Find a fantastic emcee for your baby game.

If you’re going to play a game (just one though – don’t go overboard), you have to do it right – which starts with a stellar emcee. Find that jovial personality in your office that can bring some boom to the baby game. Stick to a game that will make people laugh, like the tried and true “5 things” game. Simply have your team member answer five questions about themselves in advance (think favorites, baby-related questions, etc.), and have their significant other or older child answer them in front of the group. Write the team member’s answers on cards in advance, so you can pull off the oh-so-comedic flip of the card to reveal their answer after their family member makes a guess. With an entertaining emcee and sidebar commentary, it’s sure to bring the laughs!

The FOLD by 4moms: Office Baby Shower TIps

Stellar Swag.

Getting prepared for baby can be expensive and overwhelming. Help with some great baby gear or a gift card from the company. Make them feel appreciated by including a card full of messages from their co-workers with their gift.

The FOLD by 4moms: Office Baby Shower Tips

Cake. Always cake.

Need I say more? Cupcakes are a great way to add some sweet punch to the baby shower finale. Stick with your color scheme, and offer up some divine treats for the group – and be sure to send the expectant family home with a goodie bag of extras.

The FOLD by 4moms: Office Baby Shower Tips

Capture the moment. 

Have a dedicated photographer on hand to snap the sweet moments of the team member, their family, and office pals celebrating. Not only is it a great addition to the baby book, but a reminder for your team member that their work family is just that – family. Welcome to the family, little one.

The FOLD by 4moms: Office Baby Shower Tips