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8 Mind-Blowing Nursery Ceilings

When planning your nursery decor, it’s easy to overlook the ceiling. But think about it — your newborn will be staring at the ceiling for hours every day! These out-of-the-box nursery decor ideas will inspire you to ‘look up!’ and realize your nursery ceiling’s untapped potential!


Nature Meets Nurture

Create a cozy feel by incorporating the look of wood. It’s easier than you think. You can either wallpaper the ceiling with a woodgrain print or buy laminate wood sticker tiles.

The Fold by 4moms: Nursery Decor_Ceiling 1

Source: Design Dump


Bold And Beautiful

This striking ceiling is stunning and can easily be transformed into a big kid room eventually. We’d even love it in a master bedroom!

The Fold by 4moms: Nursery Decor_Ceiling 2

Source: Raenovate


Bring On The Cheer

2-4-6-8! Pom-poms have come a long way! This is an inexpensive way to add a lot of color and personality to a nursery. Ditch the traditional mobile and create your own magic.

The Fold by 4moms: Nursery Decor_Ceiling 3

Source: Décor Pad


Good Night Moon

Create your own story with a starlit themed ceiling. It will also create just the right amount of light for those late night feedings and diaper changes.

The Fold by 4moms: Nursery Decor_Ceiling 4

Source: Off Beat Home



This compass is a simple way to dress up a basic ceiling light fixture. It’s perfect for a nautical themed nursery and can even transition to a pirate theme when the baby gets older.

The Fold by 4moms: Nursery Decor_Ceiling 5

Source: BabyCenter


Go Bold

Stripes are always a modern and clean look. Why not take them up a notch and put them in an unexpected place like the ceiling? The black accent wall is striking, especially in a nursery. Not typical, but it totally works.

The Fold by 4moms: Nursery Decor_Ceiling 6

Source: Pure Home



A fabric swag is a dramatic and whimsical way to go full tilt for a girl’s nursery. There’s no question who the princess is in this house! A fabric ceiling creates a soft calming effect. Perfect for your little bundle of joy.

The Fold by 4moms: Nursery Decor_Ceiling 7

Source: Home My Design


We love stumbling on a DIY project that makes us question, “Why didn’t we think of that?” The use of these embroidery hoops is genius. Budget friendly, simple and it looks awesome. Lucky baby!

The Fold by 4moms: Nursery Decor_Ceiling 8

Source: Makezine



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    Late night feedings in the nursery? Here is something they dont tell you, your doctor will prefer that your newborn sleep in your room(in a cosleeper or cradle of course) for the first 5 to 6 months.