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Baby’s First Christmas

This will be our first Christmas as a family of three! I love celebrating the holidays – the parties, the traditions, the lights, the cocktails – pretty much everything about it.

Going into this Christmas season, I want to make it magical for my daughter Penelope, but I also want to have realistic expectations for myself. It’s her first Christmas, yes, but we will have plenty more to celebrate together.  So if I don’t do everything this season, and if everything doesn’t go perfectly, that’s okay.

Here are a few first-year traditions our family is trying out this year:

Themed Christmas Tree

This was a tradition that my Mom started when I was young and I LOVED it! Every year we would decorate our Christmas tree with a different theme using almost exclusively homemade decorations. When thinking about celebrating Christmas with my own family, this was a tradition I absolutely knew I wanted to continue.

However living in a house with a 10-month-old baby, anything that’s within a few feet off the ground goes immediately into her mouth. That would include anything that’s on the tree. She is starting to outgrow some of her baby toys though, so I thought a great use of them over the next month would be on the tree. So our theme this year: Baby Toys!

The FOLD, a blog by 4moms


The FOLD, a blog by 4moms

It may not be the white, gold, and glittering tree you see in the home magazines, but she has played with it every day it’s been up and I love that I don’t have to stress about it. Mama win!


Christmas Books

As part of her present this year, I wanted to get her some Christmas books. I found a unique idea on Pinterest, where you individually wrap books and give one to your kids every day leading up to the big day. Now, I didn’t buy 25 books – she’s not even one, she doesn’t need that many Christmas books – but I bought a few and plan to add a few new ones each year to keep it fresh and fun.

The FOLD, a blog by 4moms


Footprint Art

I didn’t want to do anything really over-the-top but I did want something to commemorate Penelope’s first Christmas. I wish I was super crafty and could think of these things on my own, but thank goodness for Google. I found a little inspiration here.

The FOLD, a blog by 4moms


I think it turned out pretty nice. She looked a little confused when I put the paint on her feet but my little mover-and-shaker did know what to do when I put her foot on the canvas…. smear it all the way down to the bottom edge. The footprints you see here were a Take #2.

So that’s what I’m doing to bring some magic into the holidays for my little snow angel. What are some holiday traditions that you plan to do with your little ones?

Stay warm out there & Happy Holidays!


Written by Nicole C., a 4moms brand ambassador and FOLD contributor. Read more about Nicole here.