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Cuteness Overload

It’s the middle of a busy workday but you always seem to have a minute to click on a cute baby video. Or cute dog video. Now you can watch the best of both worlds: Cute babies and puppies all rolled into our favorite clips.

We chose the silliest, funniest, most precious videos on the Internet all for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Dog Drives Little Boy in Car

“Which way is the treat store, tiny human?” (Source: Jessica Wolf YouTube)


Dog Loves Bubbles, Baby Loves Both

Baby giggles are the best giggles. Hands down. (Source: Jess0rT YouTube)


Secret Language of Doggies and Babies

We wish we knew what these cuties were talking about! (Source: Tom Cammarata YouTube)


Play Partners

These BFFs are having so. much. fun. (Source: Ella’s World YouTube)


Dancing Doggie & Baby: Daddy’s Home!

We wish we could be welcomed home by this everyday! (Source: Natalie G YouTube)


Baby Pugs + Baby Human = CUDDLES!

Don’t you just want to cuddle these precious little peanuts? (Source: pugsnkisses84 YouTube)


Doggie Crawling School

“Follow my lead, baby sister!” (Source: Pupple Channel YouTube)


Are there other videos that make you smile?  Post them in the comments below.