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Drool-Worthy Baby Gifts

Looking for awesome baby gifts for your favorite parents-to-be? These gifts are not only practical, they are unique and something both parents and babies will love!


Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket

It’s soft. Ridiculously soft. So soft that both baby and parents will want to wrap themselves in it! A ‘luxe’gift that any parent will love.

The Fold by 4moms: Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket

Source: The Little Giraffe


Manny and Simon Giraffe Push Toy

This adorable, eco-friendly and gender-neutral giraffe makes a great addition to any nursery. It also functions as a developmental toy once your child gets older.

The Fold by 4moms: Drool Worthy Baby Gifts_Manny and Simon Giraffe Push Toy

Source: Manny and Simon


Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall

Mom will want to run errands with this stylish, yet highly functional diaper bag. Hey, who says baby showers are ALL about baby? 😉

The Fold by 4moms: Drool Worthy Baby Gifts_Petunia Pickle Bottom

Source: Petunia Pickle Bottom

4moms infant tub

We’re a little biased on this one, but every baby deserves a bath in clean water at just the right temperature, right? The 4moms infant tub continuously flows in clean water, and its color-coded thermometer helps new parents get the water temperature just right. Everyone is happy, especially baby. A must-have!

The Fold by 4moms: Drool Worthy Baby Gifts_4moms infant tub

Source: 4moms


Milestone Cards

Get camera happy! Now you can capture those special moments and developmental milestones with these adorable cards. The creative and sentimental parents will truly appreciate this gift.

The Fold by 4moms: Drool Worthy Baby Gifts_Milestone Cards

Source: Milestone Cards


New Baby Care Kit

This newborn kit is natural, organic and smells heavenly. It gives you all of the bubblers, soothers and smoothers mom will need for baby. Did we also mention these are great to travel with? A perfect little gift for your favorite mom.

The Fold by 4moms: Drool Worthy Baby Gifts_Baby Care Kit

Source: Earth Mama Angel Baby



A unique baby gift your jokester friends will love. Think of the pictures!

The Fold by 4moms: Drool Worthy Baby Gifts_Uncommon Goods Mustachifier

Source: Uncommon Goods



Sakura Bloom Sling

These slings not only look good, they feel good too. Made from the world’s finest all natural fibers, these slings give your new mom friend two free hands and a very comfortable sidekick.

The Fold by 4moms: Drool Worthy Baby Gifts_Sakura Bloom

Source: Sakura Bloom



Freshly Picked Camo Moccasin

Look at these! Your fashionista friend will adore these sweet little moccasins. Can you say trendsetting?

The Fold by 4moms: Drool Worthy Baby Gifts_Camo Moccasin

Source: Nordstrom



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