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Guess what? Mommy’s Having Another Baby!
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These kids’ lives are about to be turned upside down.  They are going to become a big brother (or sister).  For some, it’s the BEST thing that could ever happen to them, but for others, well, let’s just say they are less than thrilled.  Here are some of our favorite reactions of soon-to-be big siblings that will have you smiling all day.

“We’re getting a baby!! I’m so excited!” How sweet is this little girl?


You can see the moment when the light bulb goes off in his head. Adorable!


Best. News. Ever. You’d think Justin Bieber was in their living room.


She was NOT ready for the secret.


Maybe it’s his accent, but this little guy could not be any cuter if he tried!


“What were you THINKING?!? This makes no sense.” Don’t worry, little man. Mommy will buy you some earplugs.


The realization she was going to be a big sister was too much for this little angel.


When this little girl realizes whom it is she’s meeting in September…priceless.


Say what?! Logan’s face says it all.

Our faces hurt from smiling, what about yours? Did your children have a positive or less than positive reaction to finding out they were going to be a big sibling? Tell us in the comments!