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A Peek into The Real Girl’s Kitchen

We recently caught up with The Real Girl’s Kitchen’s Haylie Duff, and her sweet daughter, Ryan, to celebrate the launch of the new 4moms high chair.

From food to manners, here’s a look into The Real Girl’s Kitchen:

4moms: Ryan turns one next week. How has mealtime changed with a toddler?

HD:  Mealtimes with a toddler are a little more hectic. I’m multitasking a lot, and planning my meals with her more than I did when she was a little baby.

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4moms: What are some of Ryan’s favorite things to eat?

HD: Ryan loves food, just like her mama. So this is really hard. I would say she really loves ground beef or turkey, because it’s crumbly and easy for her to pick up and eat.  And she’s a big veggie eater.  She really loves sautéed spinach, zucchini and sweet potatoes. She’s into pizza now, too.  We had pizza night last night for the first time and she went crazy for it. I am really trying to introduce her to a ton of flavors and different types of food so she’s not a kid that just eats pasta.

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4moms: You’ve tried out the new 4moms high chair. Tell us what you think about it.

HD: I love the 4moms high chair! I think that every Mom will tell you that one of the hardest things is helping kids learn about keeping their bowls on the tray. This high chair’s magnetic bowls really encourage kids to learn table manners. I’m from the South and manners are an important thing for us. It’s also super compact, and the tray is so easy to attach. It’s modern looking and looks great in my kitchen. Plus it’s so easy to cleanup.

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4moms:  Has Ryan started throwing her food?

HD: No, thank goodness! And don’t tell her that that’s an option!

4moms: What’s for lunch today?

HD:  Today, I whipped up a new recipe for Ryan. It’s a healthy twist on your traditional mac ‘n cheese.  She seems to like it, don’t you think?

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Real Girl’s Kitchen Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese with Peas

For butternut “cheese” sauce

10 oz bag of butternut squash, cubed

¼ yellow onion

¼ cup low sodium veggie broth OR water (add more or less for thickness preference)

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tiny pinch of sea salt


2 cups cooked shells

1 cup steamed peas

1 tbsp of butter or olive oil

½ cup nutritional yeast or 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese


Cook pasta according to package. Steam butternut squash cubes and onion till soft and pulse in a food processor till very smooth.  Add the lemon juice (and water to thin, if necessary). Transfer squash mixture to a skillet and warm.  Keep warm on low heat.  Add the TINY pinch of salt (can omit if you wish) and veggie broth (or water) if mixture feels too thick.  Add the nutritional yeast or shredded cheddar, and mix.  Gently fold the peas and macaroni into the butternut squash sauce.

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For more recipes from The Real Girl’s Kitchen, visit their website, or you can purchase Haylie’s new cookbook here.

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