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How to Design a Nursery To Grow With Your Child

Decorating a nursery can seem quite overwhelming.  There are so many options, and choices to make around décor & colors, but it should be a fun and rewarding experience. Setting up a stylish, tranquil space for your baby is really easy – especially when you have the help of Cory Connor of Cory Connor Designs and in-house interior designer for Boll & Branch. Here are Cory’s six tried and true tips for creating a room that will look great now, and even stand the test of time.

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#1: Make it Personal

Add personal artwork and family mementos to create an inspired gallery wall.  The walls of any nursery are an ideal place to add color, character and thought-provoking items. I urge my clients to look throughout their home, or within their family scrapbook to seek pieces that initiate conversation and display a bit of family heritage. Awards, medals, maps, photographs and prints are ideal things to frame and display in the baby’s room. Pick up a few cute frames from your local art supply shop or frame store to create a slightly modern but incredibly meaningful personal gallery wall.

#2: Invest in Pieces That Can Grow With the Child

Just because you are looking to furnish and style a baby’s room, doesn’t mean you have to shop in the “baby section.” Look for chairs, rugs, bookshelves and storage units that can be used outside of the nursery in years to come. You can shop at virtually any store for these types of items, and you can style it for baby using accessories. Toys, books, lamps, blankets, pillows and more are great, low-cost items that can add a pop of color and style to the nursery. When purchasing upholstered furniture for the baby’s room, I always suggest to seek indoor/outdoor fabric as it wipes clean incredibly easy – it’s also soft, comfortable, durable, and practical.

The FOLD, a blog by 4moms

#3: Keep Things Gender Neutral

Stick to a fairly neutral palette (think greys, rustic wood, browns, soft whites) for your furniture, regardless of the gender of the baby. Down the road, should you have additional children, the furniture (think: crib) can be reused. No one wants to be stuck with a bright blue nursing chair that can’t be used anywhere else in the home! Crib sheets and baby blankets are a great way to make the room slightly gender specific and personalized for the baby. I love the new organic line from Boll & Branch made with 100% organic cotton. All of their items are fully fair-trade certified and come in the most beautiful soft colors.

The FOLD, a blog by 4moms

#4: The Right Window Treatments = Sleeping Babies

To create a dark and soothing nursery environment any time of the day, cordless blackout shades or under roman shades, is the way to go. Cordless items are suggested, as they are super safe for young children and pets. And, the blackout version will help your baby sleep when you need them to! It’s a win-win.

#5: You Don’t Have To Break The Bank

Babies are babies. They are prone to accidents; throw ups, spills, etc. Don’t add items into the nursery that you aren’t able to replace. Remember to add shelves that are out of reach for those fragile (and breakable) pieces of your décor, as well.

The FOLD, a blog by 4moms

#6: Theme, Schmeme

Avoid overdoing a theme. I always tend to look to design a space as something you can grow with, and this doesn’t exclude the little ones! One of my favorite suggestions to create a theme that isn’t permanent is with a wall decal. It’s a great way to add some color and flair, and it can simply be peeled off when it’s time. Also, try to keep paint colors neutral, as this will help the room transition as your child gets older. Stay away from trendy and vibrant colors and think of something that your child can enjoy well into their teens!


About Cory:

Cory Connor Designs is a New Jersey based full-service Interior Design company. Cory Connor Designs can assist you in determining your needs and goals and will work to oversee each step of the design process, collaborating with contractors and architects to achieve the best possible finished product. Cory Connor Designs works with Boll & Branch as their in-house Interior Designer.

The FOLD, a blog by 4moms