Meet moxi

It’s bold. It’s adventurous. It’s spunky. It’s the NEW 4moms® moxi™ stroller!

Imagine strolling around your neighborhood with this sidewalk-stopper.  Not only does it have a beautiful, modern design, but it also comes equipped with “power on board.”  Yep, there are generators in the rear wheels, which give you the ability to:

  • Illuminate pathways and be seen at night, using both headlights and taillights (yeah, there are TAILLIGHTS!)
  • Charge your cell phone
  • Track temperature, time, distance traveled, speed and battery level via a LCD screen (you’ll be amazed how all those walks add up!)


As you push it, you’re actually generating power. Pretty cool, right?

The moxi can be used from birth and with children up to approximately 55 lbs.  The seat can be used both front and rear facing and has 3 recline positions.  It has a built-in bassinet for newborns, too!




Front Facing

What other features does the moxi have?

We’re glad you asked.  Here are some highlights:

  • Dashboard bag – for those smaller items like keys, cell phone, wallets, etc.
  • Large, removable storage bag – plenty of room for all your kid supplies
  • Canopy with pop out shade – no one wants sun in their eyes
  • Height adjustable handle bar – parents of all heights can enjoy a leisurely walk
  • Front wheel swivel locks for rough terrain
  • Flip-flop friendly brake

Through the 4moms app you can connect to moxi to view your trip history, adjust stroller settings and customize your calorie burn.


moxi FAQs

When will moxi be available to purchase?

moxi will be available in October 2016.

Where can I buy moxi?

moxi will be available at buybuyBaby, Amazon, select specialty retailers and on

How much does moxi cost?

The 4moms moxi stroller will retail for $699.99.

What colors does moxi come in?

The moxi stroller will be available in Graphite – the black/grey combination pictured above.

Does it close by itself like the origami?

No, the moxi has a manual close, which is super easy.

Can moxi be used as part of a travel system?

Yes. The 4moms moxi is compatible with the NEW 4moms self-installing car seat (available in September 2016), as well as the following car seats:

  • Britax B Safe Series
  • Chicco Keyfit 30
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 & Mico AP
  • Cybex Aton 2 & Platinum Aton Q

Note: You will need to purchase a car seat adapter (from $39.99) to fit the infant carrier onto the moxi.

Travel System

Do you want to “Power Your Journey?” Think this is the stroller for you?  Click here to sign up & be the first to know when it’s available.

And don’t forget to let us know what you think below.

  • Kathy Zolondek

    Wow is the first word! The best and most original part, which will tempt me to purchase it, unless you would like me to test drive it and in return, a free stroller, is the lighting system. How often do we take the children out and the sun has set and we need to maneuver our way home. This makes the evening strolls so much saer especially on back country roads and city streets without sidewalks. Congratulations on true innovation!

  • Amanda Marie Bolduc

    So sad it doesn’t come out until October. Would love it but I’m due in September. I really want a stroller that had a bassinet option with the front facing and rear facing seat choices. Maybe it will release early or they’ll have a giveaway and I’ll get lucky. I might be able to get the car seat too because of its September release date, but that will certainly be cutting it close. I’m keeping out for 4moms products, they seem like extremely versatile and innovative products from a reliable company.

    • Mel

      The Nuna MIXX also has a built in bassinet– genius and classy. My kiddo loves it too.

    • Sylvia Duan

      Meet too! I’m due in September! So sad!

  • Jamie Ehrsam

    Beautiful stroller. How much does it weigh? Does it maneuver easily. Will you be taking pre orders? Im due in November.

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      Hi Jamie! The seat weighs 7 lbs and the frame weighs 22 lbs. It does maneuver easily, but we won’t be taking pre-orders. Make sure to sign up above (the link in the blog post) to be the first to know when it’s available for purchase. Thanks!

      • Mel

        Holy moly 29 pounds?!? Never mind that!

  • Karol

    I like that it has time and tail lights but I prefer the origami design it has a different look it really stands out it turns heads this looks like all the other strollers out there

  • Karol

    What happen to the mini origami?

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      Hi Karol! It’s coming…not until next year, though. :)

      • Karol

        I’m a really big fan of for moms I love all their products I’m just missing my mini origami stroller I’ve been waiting for a really long time my son is not getting any smaller please hurry lol

  • Sylvia Duan

    Is it a power-folding stroller as Origami?

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      Hi Sylvia! No, the moxi is not power-folding. It is a manual fold that is very easy to do. Thanks!

      • Sylvia Duan

        When could we see more details or videos for this new mock? Want to know more about it.

        • TheFOLDby4moms

          Check our website ( at the beginning of August for more details. Thanks!

  • Kalise washington

    What comes with the moxi? Is a car seat sold separately? Is the bassinet sold separately?

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      Hi Kalise! Yes, you are correct, the car seat is sold separately. But the bassinet is a built-in feature of the stroller, so it comes with the moxi. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  • Nao

    Hello! I live in Japan. There are some 4moms products we can buy here. I am really interested in Moxi Stroller. Is it possible to purchase it in Japan someday?

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      Hi Nao! Sorry, the moxi will not be available in Japan.

  • Michelle

    Hi im loving everything about this stroller so far! But of course I have some questions. Is the seat and bassinet machine washable? And from what I understand the bassinet is included for the price of $699.99 is that correct?

    • Irena

      The bassinet turns into the seat

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      Hi! Yes, the soft goods are all machine washable, and the seat has three configurations – bassinet, parent-facing and forward-facing. You do not need to purchase a separate bassinet. Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!

  • Kimberly Marin

    $699.99 is too much money for a stroller that does not do the power-folding. For a second, I thought this was the mini origami. Nevermind though. I guess I won’t be able to use the mini origami ever; 2017 is so late. I was really looking forward to it.

  • Nagham Aboul-Naja

    When will this stroller be available in Canada?

  • Lerinitzah

    What day exactly will the moxi be available for purchase?

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      Hi! You are able to purchase the moxi on today. It will be available in buybuyBaby, Amazon and other select specialty retailers in the next few weeks.

  • Dani

    What is the weight limit on the maxi? Is there an attachment for a second child?

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      The weight limit is 55 lbs. No, there is not an attachment for a second child. Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!

  • PrettyLittlePreggers

    Does the car seat adapter for $60 work with the 4 types of car seats mentioned in the FAQs ? I want this stroller but I also refuse to pay another 600 for a self installing car seat , I would like to purchase one the car seats mentioned for a decent price but I would like to know if I need the $60 adapter for these car seats or will the car seats mentioned abovecome with its own adapter compatible with the stroller ?

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      Hi! There are 4 separate adapters – each corresponding with the 4 specific car seats mentioned in the FAQs. So depending on which car seat you select, you’ll need to purchase the matching adapter. These will all be available for purchase on in the next 3 weeks. Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!

      • Prettylittlepreggers

        I’ve received a Chico key for 30 as an early gift , I’ve been looking online for an adapter that fits the moxi to the Chico stroller…Do you recommend any places to purchase online ? I can’t seem to find one. I’m unsure if I have to wait for it to be available on the moxi site the next 3 weeks? I don’t want to drive myself crazy searching the whole web.

        Thank you !

        • Trish

          Hi there is got the maxi car seat today and bought the adaptor at buy buy baby. Hope you have one near you!

  • ddubdb3

    The Moxi has quite a bit of “play” at the folding joint along the main beam when the stroller is unfolded..Is there a fix in the works for this?

  • Melisa

    Will the moxie be available in Canada !?

  • Natalee

    Does the key fit 30 adapter mount on to the moxi ? Or I have to purchase the 4 moms car seat adapter ?

  • Nikhil Saha

    Is this coming to Canada!!!

  • ForeverSmaked ScorpiozFinest

    When does the plastic weather cover come out???

    • TheFOLDby4moms

      It will be available at on March 1st.

      • ForeverSmaked ScorpiozFinest

        How do I fix the time on the moxi??

        • TheFOLDby4moms

          Hi! Please email our Customer Care team at They will be able to help. Thanks!