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Meet Nicole T., a FOLD contributor

Meet Nicole T. She’s a Brand Ambassador here at 4moms, which means she lives in Miami and travels the Southeast to build the 4moms brand and help educate our customers and retailers. She has a (growing) family of four, husband Danny, son Benjamin (3.5 years), daughter Sadie (2 years) and is expecting her third in April 2016. Her favorite time of year is winter (yes, because she lives in Miami) and loves spending outdoors with her family- riding bikes, playing at the beach, and going out on the boat.

The FOLD by 4moms: Meet Nicole T, a FOLD contributor

Get to know a little more about Nicole, one of our FOLD contributors:

Q: How long have you worked at 4moms?
A: Since 2013.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
A: I am always working with and meeting people, I am a ‘people’ person so it makes sense.

Q: What is your favorite 4moms product & why?
A: The breeze because it’s easy, breezy.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for a working mother?
A: Create a nice routine that you can rely on and stay as organized as possible. Ask for help when you need it. It is not a weakness.

Q: What is one important skill every person should have?
A: Adaptability

Q: How would your friends describe you?
A: Positive and loyal

Q: Name two things you consider yourself to be very good at.
A: Multi-tasking and time management (are those the same?!)

Q: What is your favorite family meal to cook (or takeout)?
A: Lasagna. My mom always made it for me growing up and now I love making it for my family.

Q: What goals do you have for your children?
A: To be thoughtful, kind, and hardworking.

Q: What is one thing that people might not know about you?
A: My hair is actually curly.

The FOLD by 4moms: Meet Nicole T, a FOLD contributor