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Meet the Ladies Behind Well Rounded NY

Two pregnant editors walked into a NYC restaurant and walked out giving birth to the chic online destination for expectants, called Well Rounded NY (WRNY).

Meet Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, the co-founders and editors of WRNY who are just as trendy, inspiring and devoted to celebrating the journey of a cosmopolitan pregnancy as their blog. We sat down with these lovely ladies to learn more about their inspirations and advice on anything from fall fashion trends to the thrill of being a working mama …

The FOLD by 4moms: Meet the Ladies Behind Well Rounded NY

How did WRNY come to be? What makes this different than other parenting resources?

J+K: We dreamed up Well Rounded NY when we were both pregnant — at the same time — back while we were men’s magazine editors here in NYC. We wanted a resource that spoke specifically to our city lifestyle, and celebrated urban pregnancy and parenting.

What is your favorite WRNY piece you ever wrote?

J: I am most proud of a piece I wrote about my personal experience formula-feeding my babies, since it’s a topic that causes so much anxiety and guilt for so many moms. (Read “In Defense of the Bottle”)

K: My birth story. While my birth wasn’t ideal (I had a c-section), telling my birth story was an opportunity to share my experience with other mamas who might be having the same feelings and help mamas-to-be have the tools to try and avoid an unnecessary c-section delivery. (Read “Healing the Scars)

What do you enjoy most about being a working parent?

J: In this line of work, I meet so many incredible women (including my partner Kaity and the rest of my Well Rounded NY team) that I admire. I’m always learning from them, both professionally and personally.

K: What I love particularly about working on Well Rounded NY is building something from scratch and being able to constantly evolve, push myself and learn new skills. Also, having a fantastic business partner is a huge perk as well.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

J: Becoming a mom has made me so much more appreciative and inspired by my own mom. I think about her with every decision I make.

K: My son. He constantly inspires me to look at places and situations with fresh eyes.

The FOLD by 4moms: Meet the Ladies Behind Well Rounded NY

Kaity and her biggest inspiration, her son

What’s your favorite go-to meal after a long day?

J: I’m (thankfully) not the chef in my home, so I’ll gratefully take any gourmet meal that my husband whips up.

K: Pasta in garlic and oil with tons of spinach or broccoli rapini. It’s easy, delicious, and feels somewhat naughty, yet somewhat nutritious at the same time.

Did you always want to grow up to be a writer? Or fashionista?

J: A writer? Yes! A fashionista? Not really. I have always loved style though, and now that we have Well Rounded NY, I’m constantly amazed by how fashionable pregnancy and motherhood can make a woman.

K: I spent my childhood perusing the aisles at the library and my high school years reading, obsessing and then cutting out pages from fashion magazines that I would then make into “wallpaper.” So while I by no means consider myself a fashionista, I’ve always had a strong appreciation for great style. I fell in love with writing in college.

When you disconnect from social media, blogs and the Internet in general – what are you often found doing?

J: Reading books and magazines (the real, old-fashioned kind!). I have piles of books and magazines and newspapers that I swear I’ll get to right after I check my email, and social media, and blogs…just this one last time.

K: Exercising, meditating, reading, endlessly cleaning and cuddling with my son. I could always use more time to turn off the Internet.

What is your favorite fall activity or tradition to enjoy with your family?

J: Fall in NYC is such a magical season and it’s so underrated. Everything quiets down so it’s the absolute best time to hit some of the best tourist spots with the kids, from Coney Island to Governor’s Island.

K: We spend so much time outdoors during the summer that once fall hits we like to spend a little more time indoors. This is when we kick off baking season.

The FOLD by 4moms: Meet the Ladies Behind Well Rounded NY

Jessica with her daughters, Libby and Elsie

What is your favorite fall fashion trend this season?

J: I’m a little obsessed with mules. High, low, black, brown… I’m embarrassed to admit that’s been my only fall fashion purchase so far, and that there’s been more than one pair purchased.

K: Plaid all day.

What is your best piece of advice for working mothers?

J: It’s ok to enjoy being a working mom! Taking care of yourself and fulfilling your own personal goals and dreams makes you a better mom and role model to your babies.

K: Pay attention to your body. The decision to be a working mom can be a hard one to make for many, and a must for many others, so embrace your circumstance and slow down when you start feeling out of control (which you will at some point). We can’t do it all perfectly at all times and that’s totally cool! Also, talk to other working moms. They can be your biggest cheerleaders.

The FOLD by 4moms: Meet the Ladies Behind Well Rounded NY