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Newborn Sleep Tips

New moms experience a wave of emotions after the birth of their little bundles of joy … and exhaustion can top the list. Sleep — like everything else you have to learn about your new little person — is unchartered territory, and you’ll likely find yourself asking endless questions: How much sleep is too much? Or not enough? Where should the baby be sleeping? When? When can I sleep?!

While every mom and baby is different, trying out a few proven sleep tips may help ease those first few uncertain weeks, and help new parents navigate the day – and night – with their sweet baby.

Create a routine from the very beginning

While it might be hard to establish and carry out a favorable sleep routine every time your newborn takes a snooze, you can create a bedtime routine early on to get your baby – and yourself – ready for the months to come.

Some popular routines include some or all of the following: bath time, reading stories, singing songs, rocking, bouncing and swaying, and feedings.

Understand your baby’s sleep

Babies need a lot of sleep. The majority of a child’s growth occurs during the infant months and into early childhood, understandable considering babies have a growth spurt every few weeks. Consult a physician or a sleep chart, like this one from BabyCenter, to understand and estimate just how much sleep your baby needs at each stage of development.

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Use tools to promote sleep patterns

Newborns typically enjoy the snug feeling and familiar sounds that mimic what life was like inside the womb.

Try these popular tools to see what works for you and your baby:

  • A white noise sound machine, like the Marpac Dohm, provides the consistent sound environment that is especially soothing to newborns
  • Heartbeat sounds can be easily played straight from your mobile device after downloading an app like the TMSOFT White Noise Baby app.
  • Swaddle blankets,like an aden + anais swaddle blanket set, recreate the secure and cozy feeling of the womb
  • A cool mist humidifier,like the drop shape humidifier from Crane, increases air moisture for easier breathing
  • Digital thermometers, like the gro egg, help you maintain a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

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Practice safe sleeping

Implementing safe sleep practices is one of the first things parents think of before baby arrives. These three (of many) guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics are a great start:

  • The ideal room temperature for safe sleep is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Keep soft or loose objects out of the crib – this includes pillows, blankets and bumper pads
  • Always use a firm sleep surface

While swaddling is considered a safe sleep practice, swaddling should be discontinued once baby is able to escape from the swaddle blanket. Check out the entire list of safe sleeping guidelines here.


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