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Top Podcasts for New Moms

Struggling to stay awake during those late-night feedings? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite podcasts for you to check out. They’re the perfect companions for new moms. So, plug in those headphones, snuggle up with your baby, and escape to a world of pop culture, laughs and inspiring stories.


The FOLD by 4moms: Top Podcasts for New Moms

One Bad Mother

We found what might be the most useful and hilarious resource for new moms. This weekly, comedic podcast features every mother’s thrills and #momfails with less judging and more laughing. Hosts Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn explain that “we aren’t all magical vessels!”

Recent episodes:

Episode 109: What Did That Baby Do To My Friend?
Episode 108: Toy Guns, plus guest Sarah Thyre
Episode 107: The 3rd Ever Genius/Fail Spectacular…With Rants!



The FOLD by 4moms: Top Podcasts for New Moms

The Longest Shortest Time

Middle of the night and you’re looking for something thought-provoking to keep you awake? Join the 3AM Club. This podcast provides stories from parents who have seen it all, and then some. Creator and host Hillary Frank wants all parents who are up with a fussy baby at 3am to know they’re not alone.

Recent episodes:

Episode #60: The Accidental Gay Parents
Episode #59: Mama Don’t Understand
Episode #58: The Bestest Worstest Time with Roman Mars


The FOLD by 4moms: Top Podcasts for New Moms
Turning This Car Around 

Had enough ‘mom talk’? This podcast gives a refreshing view of parenthood from the perspective of three dads. According to John, Lex and Jon, fatherhood takes them anywhere from goat simulators to sacrifices all parents must make.

Recent episodes:
65: Sacrificial Phil
64: Middle School Means No Bare Shoulders
63: Summer Family Movie Blockbuster Edition



Not Baby Related (but still awesome!)

The FOLD by 4moms: Top Podcasts for New Moms

Call Your Girlfriend

Because sometimes it’s 3am and you can’t call your actual girlfriends to chat.  Created by Gina DelvacAnn Friedman and Aminatou Sow, this funny, yet relatable, podcast gives moms a nice reminder of what they used to talk about before kids!

Recent episodes:

Episode 28: Peach Fuzz
Episode 27: Notoriously Chill
Episode 26: Appropriate Emoji



The FOLD by 4moms: Top Podcasts for New Moms


Pop Rocket

Keep up on your pop culture with host Guy Branum. This weekly dose of ‘news’ will give you something to talk about – other than your little one – at your next mommy meet up.

Recent episodes:

Episode 24: OITNB, Rachel Dolezal & Jurassic World
Episode 23: Women’s World Cup & #ThatGamingCism
Episode 22: Official Summer Jams 2015 Search Committee



The FOLD by 4moms: Top Podcasts for New Moms


This podcast offers a more in-depth look at pop culture through longer format interviews with comedians, musicians, and other entertainers. It’s equal parts funny and fascinating! Bonus? Host Jesse Thorn is a great source for new entertainment recommendations!

Recent Episodes:

Chris Gethard & Lawrence Weschler
Jen Kirkman & Bryce Dessner
Baron Davis & Paul Dano