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Welcome to the Fold

A place that entertains and inspires parents and parents-to-be. Some might call it a blog, but it’s so much more than that.

The Fold by 4moms: Welcome to 4moms blog

We’ll share things that make us laugh, along with tons of our favorite things; offer a little inspiration; give you some things to think about; and even give you a peek behind the curtain here at 4moms! So make sure to check in every week for lots of entertaining (and informational) parenting stuff. C’mon, come into the Fold.


Meet Our Team

We’ll be tapping lots of 4moms moms & employees, but here are a few of our main contributors:

The Fold by 4moms: 4moms blog contributors

(from top left, across) 
Katie Votjko, Digital Marketing Coordinator – She’s a travel planner, doggie lover, wine collector and marathoner.
Justine Donald, Event Coordinator – She’s a mom-to-be who loves traveling with her new husband, and spending time at home with her cats and family.
Michelle Murphy, Brand Ambassador – Mom to two adorable little boys and two rescue dogs, she loves blogging and Instagramming from LA.
GinaRose Woitkun, Brand Ambassador – She’s a true Italian girl from Jersey (and new mom) who loves to live and lives to love.
Becky Mancuso, Digital Marketing Manager – Mom to a seven month old daughter, she’s a beer lover from Pittsburgh who secretly dreamt of becoming a cast member on Parks & Rec.
Christina Holt, Brand Ambassador – She’s a mom to four busy boys and a hard-working husband. She loves coffee and wine, but not whine.
Nicole Cardamone, Brand Ambassador – She recently welcomed her first daughter in February and is now putting all of her 4moms baby knowledge to good use!
Teresa Hammond, VP of Marketing – When she’s not leading all of the 4moms marketing efforts, she’s running to swimming competitions and sporting events with her two children.
Anna Greeno, Brand Ambassador – Her most favorite people in the entire world include her husband and two sons. She lives a funny, messy and ‘not quiet’ life in Chicago, but wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Amie Ley, Brand Engagement Manager – She’s a social media nerd who loves traveling, wine, hockey and reality TV.
Nicole Tafur, Brand Ambassador – She lives in Miami with her 3-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter. She loves traveling, spending time at the beach, riding her bike and being silly with her kids.
Shelby Owens, Graphic Designer – She’s a cat mom who loves Dolly Parton. Sometimes her hair is blue.


Love the Design? It looks amazing thanks to this talented group of people.

The Fold by 4moms: 4moms blog designers

(from top left, across)
Mark Zalar, Software Engineer
May Kim, Graphic Designer
Chris Ryan, Software Engineer
Leah Wiegmann, Graphic Design Manager
Shelby Owens, Graphic Designer
Lin Lin, User Experience Lead

Want to Contribute?

We’re always looking for great content, so if you’d like to submit a topic, blog or product, let us know. Email us at


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  • Brandy

    When will the first blog be posted?

  • Liz | Ellie And Addie

    Very excited to follow along, we love our 4moms products and your company! If you ever need contributors, I’d love to be a part!

  • Jamie Miller

    I would LOVE to work here! I love the vision and the community at this company!